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Indoor plants are not only decorative, they also add life to any space. Also, they increase oxygen levels in your interior and can remove harmful chemicals from your indoor air. And they are really easy to grow! However, if you love plants but haven’t been too successful in taking good care of them, there are a few types that are a great place to start. Here are the easiest indoor plants that you can surely grow yourself. de7d08a13acc72aa5f7079dcc20dbf97преузимање (2) Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree grows very fast and the lovely dark green leaves have a rubbery texture.

  Place it near a window because it lakes bright light and allow the soil to dry in between watering. 52f90d9d697ab046d5001ac7._w.540_s.fit_ Fiddle-Leaf-Fig-Tree A #plant that is almost impossible to kill are succulents and they come in wonderful greens, purples, yellows and blues. They need plenty of sunshine but not that much water. images преузимање Cacti look great in a modern, minimalistic #decor. Plant them in pots that allow for a lot of drainage and you don’t need to water them often. 5767646980_400213fb54 преузимање (1) Aloe Vera can grow up to three feet high. You need to keep it at room temperatures of around 70 degrees, give it a lot of sunlight and water it infrequently. images (1) Aloe_mitriformis_variegata_02_810 English Ivy will give a nice touch of #nature to your home thanks to its cascading greenery. Besides, it is believed to be one of the most air-purifying indoor plants. It is very easy to take care for this plant – keep it in cooler temperatures and keep the soil moist. englishIvy English Ivy