Decorating tips – Amazing all-white rooms

Decorating tips - Amazing all-white rooms

All-white rooms are very pristine and serene. A white color scheme looks clean, effortless and inviting. However, this look is not easy to achieve and it might not be suitable for your lifestyle. White is a whole palette of colors and depending on the way they are used, they can create different effects. Here are a few very important tips to consider when creating a stunning all-white room.


The most important thing is to choose the right white. If you want to achieve a modern #look with strong lines, lean toward cool whites, choose #furnishings with simple lines and finish with plenty of glass.


On the other hand, if you want a romantic #interior, opt for warm, creamy whites, and go for plenty of detail, such as lace and marble.


If you plan to avoid color altogether, you need to fill in that gap with a lot of different textures. Choose #rugs with different textures and add a lot of blankets and pillows with thick surfaces. Another way to add interest to your all-white room and compensate for the lack of bold hues is to consider the art of layering. Although you are working with only a couple of shades of white, you can use #layering to create interest.


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