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Are you still hoping that one day you will find a foundation that you've been looking since you've started using makeup - a perfect match for your skin tone? Well, although there are so many different shades, it is still very difficult to find a perfect match off the shelf. That is a great reason to make a perfect match yourself by mixing foundations. Take a look and learn how to do it properly. fenserka-com-2 The easiest way to do that is to mix two shades of the same #foundation. You will need one shade lighter than your #skin tone and one that is just slightly darker than your #skin tone. That way you will be able to find your exact shade whether it's summer or winter. All you need to do is mix a smaller amount of the darker shade in winter and a greater part of it in summer, when you have a little tan. Put a small amount of each on the back of your hand and mix until you get a match.

Furthermore, mixing #foundations from different brands will help you get your perfect match even faster, because different brands have different undertones. By mixing them, you actually get a little bit of pink from one and a little bit of yellow from another line, which helps you get as close to your natural #skin color as possible. mixing-foundations Whether you choose to mix #foundations from one or two brands, the most important tip is to stick to the same consistency and coverage. That means that you shouldn't mix a full-coverage #foundation with a sheer, tinted #moisturizer. But, if you still want to try to get your perfect shade like this, remember that it will take more time to blend them together. Mixingfoundation01