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If you want to look as youthful as possible, then you probably already know a lot about how to apply your makeup and choose your clothes properly. But, do you know how much the right haircut can improve your overall appearance? The way you wear your hair has a great effect on how young you look, so take a look to find out what are the styles that add on the years and what are their youthful counterparts. wLOXAgn As you age, there is less plumpness in your face, so you don't want a #haircut that emphasizes any harsh lines. That is why a blunt lob, for example, is not a really good choice; you should try the layered lob with side-swept #bangs. The bangs will soften your forehead and the layers will make your face look fresher.

No bottom-heavy #hairstyle is a good idea, snce such a hairstyle drags your face down and makes it look droopy. Layers only at the ends of the hair is something you should avoid if you don't want your #hair to be completely flat at the top. Instead, add more layers to get extra volume throughout your #hair, and your face will seem more awake and fresh. 20-Gorgeous-Hairstyles-That-Will-Make-You-Look-Younger-5 Stick straight #hairstyles are more appropriate for young ladies, because they accentuate every fine line on the face. Choose subtle waves instead to create movement and add life to your overall #look. If you still want to keep your #hair straight, at least keep it short. 3aa5d1a84da8ece703c9a80bbc741a96