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Summertime is that time of the year when your body really needs more fluid. The lack of liquids leads to dehydration, which is a serious health issue that has to be treated immediately. To avoid that, there are the signs that your body needs water. If you notice any of these, take a drink as soon as possible. images When your body needs #water, your mouth get dry and sticky, and that is one of the first signs of #dehydration. Getting a drink from time to time is not enough, you need to #hydrate throughout all day.

  If you notice that your #skin is dry, that means that you haven't been taking enough water lately, so try increasing the amount of water you drink. download (1) Not many people know that when they feel really thirsty, they are already #dehydrated. To prevent that, you have to drink water before you feel that you really need it. When you are ┬áseverely dehydrated, your heartbeat will speed up because your cardiac system needs a lot of liquid. Along with that, you might experience breathing problems. Since these are the signs that you are already dehydrated, you need to hydrate before they appear. images (1)