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Reflecting on negative emotions before going to #sleep makes it less likely that we are going to wake up rested and with #positive thoughts. Don’t let any worry thoughts occupy your mind – find a way to calm yourself and get mentally prepared for sleep. Take a look at these techniques that will help you go to bed with your mind clear of anxieties. преузимање Find your calming phrase and focus on repeating it. Repeating your affirmations will help you insert positive ideas into your mind and distract your #mind from all the problems you might have encountered during the day. Let you over-stimulated brain focus on only one positive thought and get into a space of peace. images (1) You can also practice #relaxation exercises, such as progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing. Another relaxation technique that will help you calm the mind and prepare for sleep is to visualize a peaceful, restful place.

Close your eyes and imagine whatever is calming and peaceful for you and concentrate on how relaxed this exercise makes you. преузимање (2) If you like that, listen to soothing music with little to no lyrics and avoid songs that you like singing along to. Compile a list of relaxing songs but turn the volume down as low as possible. This will help you relax, focus and drown down any intermittent noises that keep you awake. images