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If you wander how some women can always look so radiant, even with so little makeup on, you should know that it's because they are using all the right products, and most importantly, they are using illuminator. You don't  need a number of beauty tricks and makeup tools to look bright and fresh; one of the easiest ways to get dewy and glowing skin is applying illuminator. If you want to learn more about the power of illuminators and realize that they are not as intimidating as it may seem, take a look. bridal-makeup-9 If you want to achieve a noticeable glow, apply your liquid #illuminator over your #foundation, but if you prefer a more subtle glow, apply it underneath your #foundation.

In order to apply your #illuminator properly, put a small amount of it on your fingertip and find your cheek line. Then, dab it along your the top of your cheekbone. If you add a little more of the liquid on the apples of your cheeeks, your face will look even brighter, and if you want to slim and define your face, put a very small amount of it down the bridge of your nose. Finally, blend the illuminator so that it leaves a faint, healthy sheen. maquiagem-efeito-bronzeado