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Beauty on the outside starts on the inside. To have strong nails, amazing skin, and shining hair you need not only the right beauty regime but also the right diet. The right foods will keep your nails and hair healthy. What foods are these? Let’s take a look. images7 Milk To prevent hair loss and brittle #nails, you need protein, calcium, vitamin D and biotin. Milk is rich in all of these ingredients. Rick in calcium, milk will help you get and maintain #healthy #hair and nails. got-milk-6-200x300 Fish Fatty acids found in fish have a particular effect on the appearance of hair, #skin and nails. Oily fish such as tuna and salmon can help strengthen your hair and keep your fingernails from getting frail.

Eggs Eggs, rich in protein, are very important for healthy hair and nails. Hair and nails are made up of proteins, and the high protein content found in eggs help them stay strong. images-24 Vegetables It’s very important to eat vegetables and fruits raw. When you have to, cook your vegetables gently. Vitamins C and A found in leafy greens play an important role in the absorption of iron and supporting hair growth. Orange- and yellow0colored vegetables are packed with vitamin A and beta-carotene, which will make your nails shinier and your skin and hair healthier. images-33 Water Add more water and stay hydrated for strong nails and great looking hair. Drinking plenty of water helps hydrate skin from the inside and transport all the needed nutrients to your nail and hair follicles. images-16