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If you want to keep your skin looking radiant all year round, then you need to adapt your skin care routine to the season – every weather change calls for specific products and beauty regimen. In order to give your skin the treatment it deserves, take a look at the following amazing tips that will help you adjust your skin care regimen to autumn chill. index While you might not have to moisturize too much in summer, especially if your skin is a bit oily, #autumn air is very dry and that's why you need to start using a slightly thicker #moisturizer and switch from lotion to cream.

You might think that #exfoliation would aggravate or cause dryness, but that is actually the best way to treat flaky #skin. Use a scrub once, or even twice a week if you feel you need it, but remember to chose a gentler option for your face than for your body. Treat your elbows and bottoms of your feet with special care. Also, try oil-based #scrubs which are great for your #skin because they exfoliate and hydrate at the same time. index1 The summer sun may have left your #skin feeling dry, so autumn is not the best time for soapy baths – they make your #skin even drier. Instead, use a soap-free hydrating cleanser; the gels are not very appropriate for #autumn so opt for a creamy body wash instead. 9e29655b84d5ef53_whats-the-best-face-wash.preview And don't forget about your #lips and hands. To prevent dry and cracked #lips, start #moisturizing as soon as possible. Also, your hands are very exposed to dry air and low temperatures so you need to keep them moisturized in order to ensure soft and supple #skin. Moisturizing-hands