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A fresh blowout feels and looks amazing, right? If only it could last for days...But it doesn't, a perfect blowout can last no longer than a day or two. Moreover, shampooing less often is a way to teach your hair to produce less oil, so washing and styling your hair every day is not a great solution. If you want to make the most out of your blowouts, here are a few amazing and easy tips. 4c1cc9c2765acad3e7ba5317ca16a38c A regular shampoo strips your #hair of its essential oils, so opt for a cleansing oil shampoo which cleans and protects your #hair.You should apply your coditioner only to the ends of your #hair - that way the driest areas get the much needed moisture while your protecting your roots from the excess oil.

To make your #hairstyle last longer, sleep on a silk pillow or use a silk scarf to wrap your #hair at night in order to reduce friction. Dry shampoo is an excellent solution not only for when your #hair is already greasy. Instead, spray it before going to bed and it will absorb all the excess oil even before it becomes noticeable. 44d56490a19a2dd1952ec40d56b0f2a6 It is also a great idea to put your #hair up in a loose top knot to preserve both volume and style, but make sure that you choose a hair tie that doesn't dent your blowout. b47a5c717dba41d1b2a74d96d03023bf.jpg_srz_300_330_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz