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If you love your perfume and you want to make it last longer on your skin, here are some suggestions for you. You don’t want the scent to disappear too fast but you don’t know how to make it last longer? Here are some suggestions for you. преузимање Apply your perfume directly to your skin instead on your clothes -it is more effective that way. Perfume is activated by heat and if you apply it just right after the shower when your pores are open, they will soak up the scent and your perfume will last longer. Young adult woman Moisturize before you apply your perfume – perfumes last longer on oily than on dry skin. Use a moisturizer wherever you plan to apply your perfume and this will help the scent last longer.

Apply your perfume at your pulse points. Heat is what activates the fragrance, and due to the warmth, the pulse points are the best spots to apply your perfume. преузимање (1) Spray a little bit of your perfume on your hair. Or, spray it on your hairbrush and then run it through your hair. Hair absorbs the perfume and makes it last longer. Make sure to do this when your hair is freshly washed or the natural oils will affect the scent.