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In spring, most of us find ourselves in a spring-cleaning frenzy! Our tidy tendencies get on the next level and we want our house to be sparkling and spotless. And, although this takes time, it’s not that difficult to do it. However, every woman gets across at least one cleaning frustration during this process. For many of them, it’s a shedding rug. If you have a problem like that, take a look how to eliminate the dreaded fuzz they leave behind. преузимање (4)510meXYnmgL Carefully rake your #rug with the intended tool. You can also use a pet brush, but be careful not to pull up the delicate fibers. If you don’t want to take that risk, you can buy a specialty rug rake.

If your shedding #rug really frustrates you, you might be tempted to go full force on it with all the vacuum attachments. However, this can make an even bigger problem because a brush can pull the fibers out even more. The right way to vacuum your shedding rug is to use a low-pressure setting and avoid any brushes. преузимање A rug pad will prolong the life of your #rug. It will protect it from dirt, moisture and tear, but it can also lower the impact of walking on the rug. Place it in a low traffic area or tread lightly on the rug by using a rug pad to eliminate some shedding. images