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When the weather gets windy and rainy and when there is a lot of humidity in the air, you have to be equipped with a few amazing hairstyles that will keep it looking lovely. The most important thing is to choose those hairstyles that are simple and manageable. Take a look at the following lovely hairstyles that can withstand the weather. 6c0e5f7fb8fa103693b511747bd5f0c7 One of the standard and least complicated #hairstyles for both summer and fall is a #ponytail. It is very simple and easy to do and you might like it just like that, but you can also spice it up. Add a poof at the top of your head or choose a side #ponytail.

An inside-out #ponytail, for example, is an easy and youthful #hairstyle and if you make it messy, it will be perfect for windy and humid weather. Start by making a low #ponytail and then move the elastic just a little bit down. Then, make a little hole in the middle of your hair just above the elastic. Finally, bring your #ponytail up and through the hole a couple of times. hairstyle-inside-tail-10 Moreover, almost all kinds of #braids are perfect for windy days. They are very versatile and once you learn to make them tight, your #braids will stay in place all day long. A #bun is another great option, and you can't make a mistake with it because a bun looks great whether it's low or high, sleek or messy. 2013-09-28-high-bun-hairstyle-for-brides_b Whatever the occasion, you can't go wrong with an easy and cute #bun. Start by making a high or low ponytail and then wrap or twist your #hair as you wish and secure with a few bobby pins when you are satisfied with your #hairstyle. 207485256_HUYj4YEU_c