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Accessorizing can take any #outfit from plain to extraordinary and learning the rules of accessorizing will help you stand out. It’s a creative process that will help you help you look fabulous whatever you might be wearing. Feel free to experiment with different types of #accessories and you will see how such a simple thing as a necklace can transform an entire outfit. da83f8a2b138c710e105b3084c0352f5 images The easiest way to make an #outfit stunning is with a great #bag and a pair of fabulous #shoes. Plain clothes can be easily accessorized to look amazing, just make sure that your bag and your shoes are occasion appropriate. They also have to be outfit appropriate – shoes and a bag make an outfit complete and you want them to be complementary. 0898260ceb26f576cf069e6995d8099a 76353d65512301bee60b5ecc0330e1a3 8110ecf393cdae503a70ee384a3d32be 750d55988ffd730b790aba4dfdedd264 Invest in some great jewelry – it’s amazing what some nice pieces of #jewelry can do for your plain outfits.

When accessorizing, work around one piece – if you decide to wear a statement necklace, make sure that the other accessories and smaller and more modest. Be careful not to over-accessorize. metss039_46a00d83451c76a69e2011571dc6694970b Wear bolder accessories with understated clothes to add some more interest to a plain outfit. If you like to wear neutrals, play with vivid, eye-catching #accessories to give your outfit a boost. What is great here is that you don’t have to worry about matching the color of your accessories with your #clothes, since neutrals go great with most other colors. 3ae5324782821fad76ea392595cf9f8b 053c8dfd5afc9a7185846e6a639c51eb images (1)0a5858dfa2ff3311b8076a9f8d17e5b0