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Getting enough sleep plays an important role in how you look - a good night's sleep promotes the repairing of the skin, while the lack of sleep encourages the production of cortisol, which makes the cells break down. So, if you want to look and feel great, you need to make the most of a night of sleep. Here is how you can do that. images If you want to keep #healthy and radiant #skin, you have to clean it properly before going to bed, no matter how tired you feel. Cleanse, treat and moisturize and that will be enough. A mild cleanser removes #makeup and dirt, and remember to use an anti-aging product, as all the skincare products sink deeper into your #skin at night. Finally, moisturize your #skin, especially if you have dry #skin, as it tends to be prone to dehydration at night.

It has been proven that sleeping on one of your sides leads to sleep lines, so try sleeping on your back in order to prevent those fine lines. Also, try keeping your head slightly elevated while you sleep, especially if your eyes tend to be puffy when you wake up.This swelling appears due to fluid retention that accumulates where the #skin is very thin, and keeping your head elevated will prevent this from happening. 8f3b1ab08a4f5ad71b806464820c903a Switch to silk pillowcases as they can effectively prevent facial creases and help prevent wrinkles. Moreover, silk, unlike cotton, will not absorb the skincare products you usually apply before going to bed. Silk pillowcases also keep your #hair #healthy, as they cause less friction and prevent split ends. 9144aa0ae36f8c8066f29e68d7808f93