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A good pair of white jeans can make any outfit look fresh and youthful, but many women think that they shouldn't wear them after Labor Day. Well, they are as versatile in fall and winter as in summer, so you shouldn't put this wardrobe staple away. Instead, take a look and learn how to style them properly for fall. 3b111ef03251c579131079380db2159ewhite-denim-for-fall-aritzia-blanket-scarf-ootd Whte looks great when paired with warm neutrals. So, combine your white #jeans with cognac and tan hues and create a fresh fall #outfit. If you are still concerned about wearing white in fall, just add a pair of #boots and a scarf and you will see that this is a great #outfit for the season.

White also pairs great with gray, so add a chunky gray sweater and, after you put on your favorite boots and scarf, you will get a youthful #fall outfit. If you want to make your white #jeans more appropriate for #fall, choose fall shades and pair them with a wool burgundy sweater. 6bc99700f4905ad332ca69d5cd2eacdefall-winter-white-jeans-sofis-snapshots-h724 White jeans with a chambrey #shirt make for a great #outfit for summer as well as for #fall. To create a #fall #outfit, just put on a pair of #boots and maybe a scarf. A patterned flannel shirt is another great option thanks to its texture, and you can look for the colors that are fall-appropriate. c74cf59d57cd4c29fa703f0214fa951cWhite-Pants-Striped-shirt