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The turtleneck is a wardrobe staple during the cold fall and winter months, but do you think that it can actually look very stylish? Well, it canĀ  and it will not only keep you warm, but also make you look elegant, if you know how to style it. Take a look and learn how to wear this winter staple. DSC_0033_kleiner14444cb768e180800c504f28154a77f82 A thin, classic and form-fitting turtleneck can be worn underneath a #sweater to keep you warm during the cold #winter days. An oversized, but comfortable and warm turtleneck is perfect for relaxed weekends and you can pair it with all kinds of fitted pants, from skinny #jeans to leather leggings.

If you prefer subtle #outfits, opt for an all black, and pair your black wool, textured turtleneck with fitted pants and a #stylish #blazer. To make this #look more interesting, add a printed #purse. 11945245195_944fe2d963_b 0c5a9396c1e310ca3e34d207fc279b89 You can also use a turtleneck as an layering item and wear a cropped turtleneck over a long tunic or #shirt. If you are looking for something more professional, wear a turtleneck with your tailored suit. This winter staple can also look #dressy if you wear it with your #jeans, a #blazer and a pair of nude stilettos. imag2esJacket-Full