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Many women wear their hair part in the same place for a long time, without even realizing how bad that is for their hair. Switching up your part both changes your look in the most positive way and makes your hair healthy. Take a look to find out why is it so important to change up your part once in a while. 43 Wearing your #hair in a certain way for too long weighs it down making it looking dull and lifeless. This is even more dangerous if you use heat styling tools, as all that heat in one spot decreases the porosity of your #hair. However, changing up the part keeps your roots upright, lets them breathe and helps avoid dry spots.

If those fly away baby hairs that can be found along your #hair part tend to be a problem for you, changing up your part will help you a lot. This is how you disguise them and protect them from too much damage. 42 If you are not sure how to make a switch, there is an easy trick that will help you: find the highest part of your eyebrow and part your #hair at the hairline above that spot. If you think that your #hair would not stay put, use a little #hair spray to set it. 44