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Many families can't imagine their lives without a tumble dryer. This appliance is especially important in winter, when a washing line is not the best option. If you are one of those people, are you sure that you are actually getting the most of your tumble dryer? The following simple tricks will help do that. 10 Many think that putting a lot of stuff in a dryer helps them do the job more quickly. However, in that case it takes multiple cycles for your dryer to dry such a load. Take a look at the dryer's manual in order to learn how much weight your dryer supports.

Paying attention to how much stuff you put in your dryer also helps you simplify the ironing process. If you allow the clothes to flow freely, they won't wrinkle too much and it will be much easier for you to iron them. Also, there are even some clothing items you don't even have to iron if you take them out of the dryer 10 minutes before the end of the cycle. Pants and dress shirts will not need any ironing if you take them out when they are still a little damp, give them a shake and hang them to dry completely. 9 Keeping your dryer clean is also very important if you want to get maximum efficiency. Remember to empty the lint filter after every use, but even if you do that, the duct can still get clogged. If it takes more than an hour to finish a cycle, you can be sure that your dryer is clogged. To prevent that, once a year detach a hose and use a long brush to push out the lint and scrub the lint filter with a little bit of detergent. 8