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If you think that well groomed nails are one of the most important aspects of every girl's appearance, then you probably have a large collection of nail polishes. But, just like all the other beauty products, nail polishes can expire so you need to pay attention to that and toss away every bottle of polish you should use no longer. Do you know when is the right time to throw away a nail polish? Take a look! 21 Take a look at the packaging to check the product's period after opening (PAO) and you will know for how long you can use that nail polish after you've opened the bottle. Note the date you opened it and throw it away once it reaches that PAO.

Just because a #polish separates, it doesn't mean that you need to toss it away, but you need to know how to check that. Pearlized shades tend to settle, so in order to agitate such a nail polish, shake it or roll it between your hands. If it still separates after that, it might be the time to get rid of that bottle. 20 Another way to check whether your #polish has reached the end of its lifespan is to check its look, smell, and consistency. Unpleasant smell and strange color indicate that your #polish should no longer be used, as well as if it got too thick, thin, or stingy. 18