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Although achieving a simple interior design isn't very difficult, it does require a balance of the elements if you want to create the perfect minimal look. A minimalist design is not dull and it doesn't look lifeless. Quite the contrary, it can look very sophisticated and elegant as long as you know how to create a gracefully decorated simple space. Take a look at the following tips that will help you achieve that. 6 The most important things in a room without too many items are harmony, balance and proportion. All the #furniture pieces should be in proportion to each other, and also to the room itself. Avoid the pieces that are too bulky if you are decorating a small room. Also, pay attention to the visual weight of the room - if one part of the room has much more items than the other, the balance of the room as a whole will be destroyed.

Since the room you are decorating is not going to have too much stuff, choose the pieces that are really high end. One of the most important things when it comes to achieving the perfect minimal design is to remember that quality comes over quantity. 5 When it comes to color, you should use neutral color palettes with earth tones to create a calming atmosphere and just the right minimal look. Neutral colors are the right choice for #sophisticated spaces, but such spaces also need light in order to look truly stunning. Opt for light window treatments and let the natural light in, and choose a few table and floor lamps that will help you create a relaxing #atmosphere. 52b03106697ab041fe00798f._w.540_s.fit_ Do you know any other useful tips?