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If you know how to choose the right color, eyeliner can be your best friend. Luckily, there are so many tips that can help you choose an eyeliner and apply it correctly for the most flattering look. Here are a few really very useful tips that will help you find the best eyeliner color to make your eyes pop. playful-purple-liner If you have brown eyes, a blue #eyeliner will make your eyes look softer and warmer. And while electric blue is perfect for bold girls, navy is the shade you can wear both during the day and night.

A metallic gold #eyeliner makes hazel eyes really stand out and look bright, as this color accentuates the yellow flecks in your iris. A purple #eyeliner is perfect for green-eyed girls, as the red undertones in a plum shade enhance the natural color of your eyes. 145882-300x279-purple-eyeliner-on-green-eyes To make your cool blue eyes pop, choose a contrasting color, such as a deep green emerald shade. If you want to accentuate the blue in your gray eyes, use a red-brown #eyeliner that will make your eyes stand out and look warm. 379584e1dd5bf281b2fc207b5a40028e What eyeliner colors do you use?