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You already know that you shouldn't sleep in your makeup, but are you really aware of the possible risks and how bad actually that is for your skin? So, next time you feel too tired to take all of your makeup off before going to bed, think about these things and you will change your mind. 14 If you don't remove all of your #makeup before going to bed, your #skin will look dull and lifeless in the morning. On the other hand, regular cleansing is very important for #healthy #skin as it helps remove dead #skin cells and reveal healthy, new ones. Once you establish a good #skin care routine, your #skin will look bright and youthful.

When you cleanse your face, you remove dirt and dead #skin cells from the surface of your #skin. If you form a habit of sleeping with your #makeup on, they all stay on your #skin, clog your pores, lead to inflammation and make your face age prematurely. 15 Cleansing is an important step in anyone's #skin care routine, especially if you have acne, as sleeping with your #makeup on can make your condition even worse. Moreover, your #makeup products may contain irritants that may cause a rash after they are left on your #skin for long periods of time. 17