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The best way to make yourself feel amazing is with the help of a few drops of your favorite perfume. But, a scent usually lasts very short - probably because you don't apply it correctly. There are a couple of tricks that will help you make the most out of your perfume and smell amazing all day long. 5 If you want to make your perfume last longer, spray it just after your shower. The trick is in moisture, which gives your #perfume something to hold on to. Similarly, you can apply your moisturizer before the perfume in order to give it a base and something to stick to. So, keep your #skin hydrated.

Another important thing is to know where to apply it. You need to aim at your pulse points, and those include the inside of your elbows, the nape of your neck, and your wrists. These points react according to your body temperature fluctuations and that is how they actually emit scent. 3 The most important thing is to avoid rubbing the areas where you've applied your #perfume. That is how you break the top tones, which makes it last really short. 2 And, although we are all used to keeping our perfumes in our bathroom, that is how we actually unintentionally lessen the quality of the fragrance. Avoid damp, warm places and opt for dry, cool ones, in your bedroom, for example. 1