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You have to know that you are already a very attractive woman, but it can't hurt to be familiar with certain fashion items that can help you look even prettier. If you dream of looking great without too much effort, here are the fashion tricks that will make you look even more attractive in no time. Elegant-Little-Black-Dress You probably already know how heels work - they make you stand different than usual and that way your curves get all the attention. When you are in #heels, your body looks great, but you also walk in a different  manner because your hips move in a more seductive way.

Black is the color most often associated with attractiveness and it makes every woman look slim and #elegant, which is why you need to have at least one little black #dress in your closet. Look for a dress that fits you perfectly and that you can style differently, according to the occasion. little-black-dresses The color red is linked to positive energy, love and motivation. If you want to draw attention to yourself, you can wear a red shirt or put on a red lipstick. Moreover, if you are in a hurry in the morning and you have enough time for only one #makeup product, make it #lipstick. 53a050305c0ce_-_cos-05-emma-stone-de