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If you plan to decorate your new home and are looking for some inspiration, you will find out that, in reality, elements from a couple of design styles often get mixed together. However, if you don't like to experiment and prefer a single interior design style, here are a couple of them and the core aspects of each one. leovantraditio2 Traditional style is very #comfortable and utilizes classic materials and #furniture pieces. Traditional spaces incorporate soft and curved edges and reflect order and attention to detail. While #floral patterns are very common, fabric colors and patterns are muted and understated.

#Furniture pieces are positioned symmetrically, which creates a sense of order and a comfortable feel. Traditional spaces, with their unfussy feel and classic lines in light colors are often considered to be timeless. traditional-living-room traditional-interior #Modern interior design is based on simplicity and it uses materials such as glass, molded wood and metals. This simple but beautiful #look incorporates simplified furniture and smooth textures. A modern interior drifts into a minimalist one when furniture and details are very understated. The main characteristics of #minimalism are geometric forms, simple materials, and large spaces with minimum furniture. modern-interior-design-pictures-simple-decor-on-interior-design-ideas modern-interior-design-styles-3 Urban interiors use non-traditional home materials such as steel, concrete floors and exposed beams to create a #modern look which is polished and with sophisticated finishes. It aims to create open space and thanks to it and the typical brick walls and original wood floors, such spaces have an airy feel. 9841f25cab995178f569630730410555 582eea3c29432d10fe87a1ead6ae86d9