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Summertime is never complete without fresh manis and pedis, and this time of the year can even get you in the mood to use more color and chose vibrant hues when it comes to picking a nail polish. From neon hues to subtle tones, here are the best shades to complement your sun-kissed complexion. natural-nude-nails-trend-backstage-at-fashion-week-cividini-milan-fashion-week-ss14 60b90b5bb8f40e3940bbd562d58edc3d Next to peachy, nude nail polish will elongate your fingers and it also looks great on #manicures of all lengths. Choose a matte finish to give some attitude to these two colors, but you should also know that hazy hues can hide any imperfections on your nail bed.

For a manicure that can't be missed, opt for a blue nail polish. Sapphire looks amazing year-round, while a coat of a Caribbean blue can easily make you feel like you are already on the beach. Another great way to get a statement manicure is to choose a peacock or royal blue. 32b9b105b7f9220860710ed4415f9c13 images Red is in style regardless the season, and summer is perfect for warmer hues. For a fun and youthful #look, find a shade with orangey tones that freshen it up. b26f0edcfd1307d4e74521315a466a1c Glittered manicures are a great choice for summer. Find a glitter #polish and wear it alone for a subtle sparkle or on top of another color. cimg02091 tumblr_mzabd25zaU1s9gf0wo1_250