How to look fresh with the best nude lipstick for your skin tone

A swipe of nude lipstick can make you look fresh and youthful in an instant, as long as you use the shade that flatters your skin tone. Next to preparing your lips by applying a lip balm before a lipstick, choosing the right shade is the most important step of the process. To avoid the […]

Skin care - Why are face masks so important?

Face masks should become one of the most important skin care products in your skin care routine, for a number of reasons. Face masks are easy to use, they help you with your skin care concerns, and they keep your skin tone. The right face mask can do all of that for your skin and […]

Contouring - How to pick the right color for your skin tone

Contouring has become a regular part of everyday makeup routine for most girls – after a bit of practice, you will see how much it can do for your face in just a couple of minutes. However, the most important part is finding the right contouring shade for your skin tone. That can be really […]

Simple fragrance tips that will help you smell amazing all day

The best way to make yourself feel amazing is with the help of a few drops of your favorite perfume. But, a scent usually lasts very short – probably because you don’t apply it correctly. There are a couple of tricks that will help you make the most out of your perfume and smell amazing […]

Keep your face clean - The easiest ways to take off your makeup

Even if taking your makeup off after a long day is the last thing you feel like doing, you know you need to do it properly in order to keep your face clean and your skin youthful and radiant. However, this doesn’t have to last long – here is how you can take your makeup […]