Simple but sophisticated - How to achieve a minimal design

Although achieving a simple interior design isn’t very difficult, it does require a balance of the elements if you want to create the perfect minimal look. A minimalist design is not dull and it doesn’t look lifeless. Quite the contrary, it can look very sophisticated and elegant as long as you know how to create […]

How to make any room look better in just a few simple steps

If there is a room in your apartment or house that just doesn’t feel right, but you don’t know to fix it, it is the right time for a refresh. Here is how you can improve a room without having to buy new furniture pieces and replace everything.

Interior design - The most popular design styles

If you plan to decorate your new home and are looking for some inspiration, you will find out that, in reality, elements from a couple of design styles often get mixed together. However, if you don’t like to experiment and prefer a single interior design style, here are a couple of them and the core […]

How to decorate your rental apartment

If you have to live in a rental apartment until you get your own place, there is not reason to resign yourself to living somewhere boring. You don’t have to remodel that apartment, all you need are a few clever decorating tricks. Here are a few ways to make your rental feel like home and […]

Lace spray-painted furniture

To give your furniture an elegant finish and transform even the most drab piece into something amazing, all you need is a lacy pattern. A piece of lace serves as a stencil for the spray-painted pattern, you just need to find a piece large enough to cover the entire surface you plan to finish this […]

Living with a roommate - interior design ideas

If you plan to live with a roommate, you should be aware that decorating a mutual living space can be a real challenge. You might have different tastes when it comes to interior design or different visions about how you want your interior to look. Before you start decorating your shared space, you should be […]

3 tips for picking the right curtains

Curtains make a room! They matter more than you might think, but choosing the right ones, with so many options on your hands, can be a bit overwhelming. Appropriate curtains can finish a room to perfection, but the wrong ones can easily ruin the design you have. To narrow down the options and select the […]