Simple hairstyles for bad hair days

Bad hair days can be your worst nightmare, unless you know how to create a couple of simple hairstyles that can really save your day. These hairstyles take just a few minutes, basic hair accessories, and some practice.

How to look slimmer - Clever styling tips to make you look thinner

If sticking to an exercise routine has been a real challenge for you lately, then you might need a few styling tricks that will make you look much slimmer. And whether you could really benefit from loosing a few pounds or you are just experiencing one of those “fat days”, these styling tips will help […]

A perfect hairstyle - How to make your blowout last for days

A fresh blowout feels and looks amazing, right? If only it could last for days…But it doesn’t, a perfect blowout can last no longer than a day or two. Moreover, shampooing less often is a way to teach your hair to produce less oil, so washing and styling your hair every day is not a […]