Makeup tips - Mistakes you are probably making with your mascara

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How to get flawless eyelashes - Tips that will really help you

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Beauty tips - How to make your nail polish dry really fast

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Make ripped jeans by yourself - 5 easy steps

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Natural beauty tips - Make your own green tea face masks

Homemade masks are amazing for your skin, but they are also very affordable, since you use only natural ingredients you can almost always find in your home. Green tea, packed with antioxidants, works magically to detoxify your face and skin and enhance your beauty. A homemade green tea face mask is easy to make – […]

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Summer is here - How to find the right sunglasses

Even if you are wearing a very simple outfit, a great pair of sunglasses can elevate your look in no time. However, the trick is to find the style that suits your face shape. In order to find such a pair of sunglasses, look for the shape that is opposite your face shape. If you […]