How to look fresh with the best nude lipstick for your skin tone

A swipe of nude lipstick can make you look fresh and youthful in an instant, as long as you use the shade that flatters your skin tone. Next to preparing your lips by applying a lip balm before a lipstick, choosing the right shade is the most important step of the process. To avoid the […]

You have pale skin? These are the best hair colors for you

Selecting your ideal hair color starts with your skin tone and undertone. From blonde to black, there is an ideal color for every skin color, even if you have pale skin. The trick is in determining whether you have warm, cool or neutral-toned fair skin. Take a look and learn how to choose the hair […]

Take care of your skin - How to choose the right face mask

Every girl who takes good care of her skin knows how important it is to use face masks. A good face mask moisturizes your skin and keeps it clear and glowing and also minimizes the signs of ageing. However, with so many masks out there, it might be difficult to find out which one is […]