Winter footwear - The right type of boots for every body type

There is a reason why so many women adore boots – they look good onĀ  anyone, there is a number of different styles to choose from, and they can be a part of both casual and elegant outfits. But, there is a small secret – not every style suits every body type. If you want […]

Mix and match - Amazing clothing color combinations

If you are not sure how to create the right clothing color combinations, your wardrobe probably consists merely of black items. If you want to learn how to change that and create perfect color combinations when it comes to your wardrobe, take a look.

Fall fashion - Types of shoes you will need this fall

Since rainy and cold days are ahead of us, it’s time to put away those ballet flats and sandals you’ve been wearing and prepare for fall. If you are wondering what are the types of shoes you will need this fall, take a look and prepare for whatever the occasion.

How to wear leggings - Feminine casual and elegant outfits

Soft and comfortable, leggings are a favorite wardrobe staple for many fashionable women who would like to wear them all the time. If you are one of them, here are some great news for you: if you style your leggings properly , you don’t have to save them for Sunday mornings only. Take a look […]

Fall wardrobe essentials - How to style flannel shirts

Flannel shirts are one of the fall essentials – they will keep you warm and help you look great this fall. If you wear them, than they are probably one of your favorite wardrobe essentials; if you don’t, take a look and learn how you can style this fall wardrobe staple.

Fall fashion - Stylish wardrobe essentials

The easiest way to get through the cold fall and winter months is with stylish clothes. These fall wardrobe classics will take you through this season in the most elegant way possible. To make sure that you have all you need to look fabulous this fall, scroll down.

Chic outfits - Stylish ways to wear white jeans in fall

A good pair of white jeans can make any outfit look fresh and youthful, but many women think that they shouldn’t wear them after Labor Day. Well, they are as versatile in fall and winter as in summer, so you shouldn’t put this wardrobe staple away. Instead, take a look and learn how to style […]