Perfect makeup - The right eyeliner for your eye shape

If you choose your haircut to flatter your face shape, why not do the same with your eyeliner choice? If you haven’t been paying attention to your face shape when applying your eyeliner, you are about to see how important that is.

Makeup tips - Mistakes you are probably making with your mascara

When it comes to makeup and mascara in particular, it is equally important to know how to apply it properly and what are the most common mistakes you need to stop making. Take a look to find out what are the mistakes you are probably making with your mascara and what are they doing to […]

How to get flawless eyelashes - Tips that will really help you

One of the most important makeup items is, of course, mascara! Even those women who don’t wear too much makeup, rely on mascara to make them look interesting and help them draw attention to their eyes. However, if you have a problem with applying your mascara, take a look at a couple of really useful […]

Choose the best eyeliner according to your eye color

Choosing the best eyeliner is just like choosing the right eyeshadow color – there are certain shades that can intensify your natural eye color and make your eyes stand out. That is why you need to know what colors suit you best and you can stop using the same old black or navy eyeliner. Take […]

Morning beauty routine - Useful and easy habits

Regardless of how rushed your mornings are, there are a few habits that need to be an essential part of your beauty routine. They will help you look and feel your best and, once you get into the habit, you will do them very easy and fast. These are the beauty habits you need to […]

Interesting makeup tricks for girls with glasses

Many girlsĀ think that they have to start applying their makeup differently once they start wearing glasses. Well, that is not true. But, there are a few makeup tricks that can make your eyes look more flattering. Take a look and learn how to make your eyes stand out through your lenses.

Makeup tips - Master the art of eyeshadow application

Eyeshadow allows you to change your look in a few moments and it is a great fun to play with it. Even if eyeshadow is a part of your daily makeup routine, the application can be intimidating. Here are a few tricks to help you turn this process from daunting into a real joy.