Does nail polish expire? When you need to throw away a nail polish

If you think that well groomed nails are one of the most important aspects of every girl’s appearance, then you probably have a large collection of nail polishes. But, just like all the other beauty products, nail polishes can expire so you need to pay attention to that and toss away every bottle of polish […]

Chipped nail polish? Here is how to hide it!

Whatever you do, you can’t escape a few chipped nails only a day or two after your manicure appointment? Luckily, there are a few simple ways to hide your chipped nail polish, whether you prefer to do your manicure at home or in a beauty salon. Take a look!

Keep your nails healthy and beautiful!

Most women think that beautiful nails are an integral part of an elegant look. But, if you want to keep your nails healthy, there are a few very important tips you need to know. To make sure that your nails get and remain healthy and beautiful, you need to  eat a well-balanced diet and adopt […]

Beauty tricks every girl should know

Would you like to look even more fabulous than you already do but spend less time on your beauty routine? You can easily retain your same look and save time if you use some of these beauty tricks.

Simple tips to grow strong, healthy and long nails

Just like an excellent skin care regimen, healthy nails are an important part of a neat appearance. Weak nails that fray and split can be really frustrating, and although it is a long process, growing strong nails is possible. Here are a few tips for achieving healthy and elegant nails that will be great for […]

The best nail polish colors for summer

Summertime is never complete without fresh manis and pedis, and this time of the year can even get you in the mood to use more color and chose vibrant hues when it comes to picking a nail polish. From neon hues to subtle tones, here are the best shades to complement your sun-kissed complexion.

Workplace style - How to perfect your office beauty routine

If you want to be taken seriously in your workplace, remember that looking polished is as important as the work you do. Even if you do great work, if you are not put together, your coworkers will get the impression that you are not putting enough effort into your job. Your wardrobe and makeup say […]