Simple hairstyles for bad hair days

Bad hair days can be your worst nightmare, unless you know how to create a couple of simple hairstyles that can really save your day. These hairstyles take just a few minutes, basic hair accessories, and some practice.

Hair care - How to prepare your curly hair for cold weather

Curly hair can be easily styled during spring and summer and keeping it healthy and shiny is not too difficult, but what when cold weather arrives and your hair looks and feels dry and dull? There are a couple of changes you need to make when it comes to your hair care regimen and you […]

Treat your hair properly - How to care for permed hair

A perm is an excellent way to get amazing curls and turn your straight hair into something more interesting and fun. But, this process involves strong chemicals that can damage your hair and make your curls really unsightly. That is why you need how to treat your permed hair properly and enjoy your curls.

Do you ever switch your hair part? This is why you should do that

Many women wear their hair part in the same place for a long time, without even realizing how bad that is for their hair. Switching up your part both changes your look in the most positive way and makes your hair healthy. Take a look to find out why is it so important to change […]