Perfect makeup - The right eyeliner for your eye shape

If you choose your haircut to flatter your face shape, why not do the same with your eyeliner choice? If you haven’t been paying attention to your face shape when applying your eyeliner, you are about to see how important that is.

Useful makeup tips - How to make your eyes pop

Even women who don’t wear makeup every day love to make their eyes pop, as glamorous eyes make every woman look instantly stylish and put together. Moreover, that is a perfect way to go from day to night in just a few minutes. If you are looking for tips make your eyes pop, scroll down.

Eyeliner tips - How to choose the perfect shade for your eye color

If you know how to choose the right color, eyeliner can be your best friend. Luckily, there are so many tips that can help you choose an eyeliner and apply it correctly for the most flattering look. Here are a few really very useful tips that will help you find the best eyeliner color to […]

Busy but beautiful - Super quick eye makeup

Even if your busy mornings don’t allow you to spend a lot of time in front of your mirror, you don’t have to go to work wearing no makeup at all. All you need to look put together is to accentuate your eyes, and you can do that in just 5 minutes. Take a look […]

A natural look - How to achieve a no makeup look in 4 simple steps

A natural, no makeup look can make you look effortlessly put together, fresh, and flawless, but perfectly natural at the same time. This look is perfect for when you want a simple, daytime makeup or if you want to learn how to enhance your natural features. Take a look and learn how to achieve a […]

Makeup tips - Master the art of mascara and eyeliner application

When you are new to makeup, you probably keep your eye makeup very subtle since all that the world of makeup has to offer seems overwhelming. But, as you delve deeper into that world, eyeliners and mascaras become basic and you are not making mistakes any more. In order to achieve that, you need to […]