Busy but beautiful - Super quick eye makeup

Even if your busy mornings don’t allow you to spend a lot of time in front of your mirror, you don’t have to go to work wearing no makeup at all. All you need to look put together is to accentuate your eyes, and you can do that in just 5 minutes. Take a look […]

A natural look - How to achieve a no makeup look in 4 simple steps

A natural, no makeup look can make you look effortlessly put together, fresh, and flawless, but perfectly natural at the same time. This look is perfect for when you want a simple, daytime makeup or if you want to learn how to enhance your natural features. Take a look and learn how to achieve a […]

Winter beauty - Latest hair and makeup trends

From hair to makeup, beauty trends change with the season and it is always very exciting to see new makeup techniques, hair color ideas and favorite beauty products. If you like to look trendy regardless of the season, here is where you can read about amazing winter looks and trends. So, let us walk you […]

Nude makeup - Get the most out of your nude eyeshadow palette

Many makeup artists adore nude shadow palettes, and so will you, as soon as you try such eye makeup. What is great about it is that it accentuates the natural shape and color of your eyes. After a while, you will stop being intimidated by it and start enjoying the versatility of such a palette. […]